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TRX Interval/Core

What is HIIT:

HIIT refers to the basic technique of alternating periods of extremely high-intensity exercise with short rest periods for a specific number of sets. These short, intense bursts of cardio or complexes of strength-based movements with kettlebells, free weights, dumbbells, the Rip Trainer or Suspension Trainer or other gear, offer the supreme benefits of both fitness and fat loss in less time than many other workout methods.

HIIT Sequences:

You can apply HIIT techniques to standalone workouts when you’re time-crunched or use HIIT for an intense add-on at the end of your workout. HIIT sequences can be sliced and diced in literally hundreds of different ways to target and achieve your exact goals. To optimize your HIIT training, you will manipulate work and rest intervals along with the exercise selection and the equipment you use. For example, tabata drills consist of 20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for four minutes.

Why You Should Incorporate TRX into Your HIIT:

HIIT can give you a tremendous aerobic, anaerobic, strength and power workout rolled into one without the boredom of long, steady cardiovascular exercise on a machine. The versatility of TRX Training offers hundreds of exercises to choose from to build fun and effective HIIT workouts. The infinitely scalable nature of TRX Training allows you to slowly work up to your goals or increase the intensity when you’re ready to push yourself harder.

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